For a one time premium we protect Australian Homes from existing illegal building works +20 other property ownership risks. 

For a one time premium we protect Australian Homes from existing illegal building works +20 other property ownership risks. 

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With 29% of Australian homes having some form of illegal building works it’s more important than ever to protect yourself from the potential risks by purchasing First Title Insurance.

  • Protection from 21 risks to your property
  • For new and existing homeowners (premiums differ) 
  • No excess payable in the event of a claim – caps and exclusions apply 
  • We have provided coverage to over 40,000 properties.

"The Australian Institute of Conveyancers, (AIC) National has partnered with First Title as a key industry stakeholder for the past five years and is an advocate for the many benefits of promoting title insurance to the property owner." - AIC

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After moving into their new home, a tradesman advised that several parts of the structure looked to be illegal. Further investigations led the council to issue our client with an order to rectify the defects.

Upon review – there was nothing to indicate illegal works were done to the property or that an occupation certificate had not been issued. A building surveyor, draftsman and several contractors were engaged to assist with the project.

First Title accepted the claim under its ‘illegal building works’ coverage. First Title paid costs associated with planning, rectification works and council fees required to obtain a final occupation certificate. 

Payment $100,000

Illegal Building Works

After our client purchased their dream home, they approached their neighbour to discuss an encroaching wall on their property. Shortly afterwards, the client received a reply from the neighbour’s solicitor attaching an adverse possession application. The neighbour had applied to become owner of 40 square metres of our client’s land.

Upon review – the encroachment was not disclosed by the vendor, nor was a pre-purchase survey obtained.

First Title accepted the claim under its ‘encroachment and adverse possession’ coverage. First Title paid the cost of the survey report, the legal fees for advice on the adverse possession claim and for the value of the land lost when the neighbour’s claim was successful. 

Payment $72,000

Boundary and Survey

Two years after our client moved into the property, they hired a plumber to investigate a strong sewerage smell. The plumber advised that the dwelling was not connected to a septic tank as previously thought. Instead, the sewerage from the dwelling was directed into a buried plastic drum, funnelled into a buried pipe and emptied into their paddock.

Upon review of the purchase documentation, it was noted that the property was not connected to the sewer main, but rather, a septic tank that was included in the sale.  

First Title accepted the claim under its ‘sewerage’ coverage. First Title paid for all costs associated with installing a septic tank and obtaining the relevant approvals.

 Payment $23,000

Sewerage Connection

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